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Kids Help Orphans Stand Out in a Crowd

Taylor and Eliyah Bacon are sisters who love animals and offered to help BTW dogs find homes.  When they attended an adoption day as official Puppy Cuddlers, the repeated question, "is that a boy or girl?" alerted them to the need for color coded bandanas!  So Taylor (age 11), Eliyah (age 7), and their friend, Julia Brock (age 9) made 18 beautiful adoption-wear bandanas, blue for the boys, pink for the girls. They chose the fabrics, sewed the triangles, and sparkle painted each bandana with a custom plea for a new home.  These bright clever gifts attract attention! Folks stop to say hello to the dogs and ask to hear their stories. Some fall in love and go home with a brand new dog!
Texas Kids Organize Doggie Shower to benefit Bridging the Worlds Animal Sanctuary

Two kids from Plano, Texas, decided they wanted to help rescued dogs for Spring Break and asked all their friends to participate. Elaine and Jared Glatz shared with their friends all the wonderful things that Bridging the Worlds, a no-kill animal sanctuary in far-off Santa Fe, New Mexico, does for abused, abandoned and neglected dogs.

The kids organized a Doggie Shower (think baby shower for dogs) and collected over $700 worth of braided rope toys, kongs, tennis balls, rubber balls, blankets, towels, rugs, treats galore, and a Giant wire crate that were on Bridging the Worlds' wish list. Hats off to all the kids for educating their friends and coordinating the donations. The sanctuary director, Beverly Antaeus, was so moved by the enthusiasm and generosity of the children and their families, and the dogs rejoiced at all the wonderful toys and treats they received. They are STILL rejoicing!  Visit to discover how you can help out, too.
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Spring 2009
News Stress:  Another Way to Look At It
by David Lindemuth, BTW's Treasurer and Financial Advisor 

The news is consumed with economic woe and people are worried. But there's another side to what's happening. Let's look at some things that may alleviate the stress of the news.

1. A lot of people are getting hit with job losses and home foreclosure. But most aren't. The first wave of foreclosures happened to sub prime borrowers. These are people who didn't have the resources to buy what they bought, but were able to get loans anyway. This allowed them to step up to a higher level of luxury. They may be required to step down again, but they've tasted a better life, and you'll find this motivates them to step up again. This is actually good for the spirit of people who didn't know they could reach higher. If they don't get caught up in the sense of loss, they'll be driven by a sense of purpose and hope.

2. The second wave of foreclosures happened when people with good jobs lost their jobs. There were two types of people in this category: Workers and scammers. The scammers were people who were making a ton of money at the expense of others, using deceitful selling tactics. These were the loan brokers, stock brokers, and financial planners. These were people who pumped stock prices by misrepresenting their company financials. These were people who made imprudent speculations with other people's money. For them to lose and have to re-evaluate their lives is only fair. They're reaping what they've sown; maybe they'll become better people when they stand up again.

The workers are the toughest case, because they worked hard to do the right thing and got caught in a wave made by other people. But here's something interesting - I personally know some of these people, and losing their jobs caused them to go to better jobs, or make a move they were hesitating to make. I think the world can be kind and fair when you can see that hard circumstances can catalyze improvements that wouldn't occur without the push.

3. 90% of the population still have their jobs and their homes. They're worried because of what's happening to other people, but they're actually still safe, and their lives are basically unchanged. If you're in this group, don't worry. A blessing has covered you.

4. There are forces at work in the economy that will restore prosperity in due time. It's already happening. And the massive increase of wealth in the past two decades, that started with the internet boom, has finally created economic viability in the "green" sector. It has put unprecedented amounts of money in private hands for investment in new ideas.  And humanity is finally willing to finance a transition toward ecological balance and sustainability.
Hoping this brightens your perspective.

Bridging the Worlds appreciates your support through
good times and tough times. There's always work
being done to better the world, and we're grateful
you're here helping us to do our work.
We are all in this together.
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