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An Animal Sanctuary
Santa Fe, New Mexico
A 501(c)(3) Organization
Our Mission

To alleviate animal suffering by providing sanctuary from abuse, neglect, and homelessness;
To end the killing of healthy animals as a method of population control;
To teach that animals are intrinsically valuable, worthy of respect, compassion, and care.
Currently our efforts are focused on dogs, who live safe and free here while they recover physical health and  
emotional harmony. All are spayed or neutered, receive appropriate veterinary care and excellent nutrition. No    
cages, no chains. They have 35 snugly fenced acres where we can take them to run and play. Most of them live  
among us - free to snooze indoors on hot days and cold nights, welcome to take refuge from summer or  winter  
storms in our house and offices, or tucked into their own houses in their own yards, as they choose.
As needed, they receive homeopathic and herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, chiropractic treatment,  
acupuncture, and western medicines to address acute or chronic physical or behavioral symptoms. When they  
are ready, we help them to join new human families.
Occasionally an unexpected condition such as cancer is revealed during the initial veterinary exam. Or a  
traumatized animal who functions well in this environment cannot adjust to the requirements of life as a “pet”  
and is considered “unadoptable.” We do everything possible to help those animals achieve comfort and  
happiness and they live out their lives with us.
We regret deeply that we cannot take in every animal who needs help, because we do not kill dogs to make  
space for other dogs. We see each dog through to adoption into a new family or to old age and death. We do  
euthanize for untreatable suffering.
We chose the name Bridging the Worlds because we like the idea of a path that bridges the human and animal  
realms -- a path to human/animal relationships of mutual respect, true communication, and mutual aid.  
Everyone who has ever loved an animal has crossed that bridge

- Founders: Robert Hayes (1954-2008) and Beverly Antaeus
Adopt Your Perfect Animal Companion

See below the dogs currently in our sanctuary and ready for adoption. All of our dogs have been spayed or neutered, all up-to-date on  
their vaccinations, and are in healthy condition. When you adopt a rescued dog you participate in bringing these wonderful animals  
back to wholeness.
Here are a few of our dogs who have found their forever homes.
Raymond's Gift

Raymond had a diaphragmatic hernia. X-rays showed that part of his  
stomach and intestines were in his chest cavity, so he could not   
process food and was slowly starving to death. Following an  
extensive veterinary exam, this one-year-old Lab mix faced two hard  
choices: quiet euthanasia or risky, costly extreme surgery. The odds  
of survival were 70/30, the cost would be over $1000. The emergency  
medical fund was depleted and the practical decision seemed to be  
choice #1, which created heavy sadness, but only made sense.

What happened next is not for everyone. If you don't like mystery and  
mysticism, then read no further. If you'd like to hear what Raymond  
had to "say," please do read on.
~Click Here to read more~
Click on one of the dogs below to read more.
Our Available Companions
The Fearful Dog

If you live with or are working with a scared or shy dog, is a place to find info. to help you be more effective in rehabilitating your  
Please contact us
for more information.
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Sponsor a Dog
Also a quick reminder: if you could see clear to put just $10/month on automatic donation to sponsor a dog, it  
would make a world of difference.
Thanks to Build A Sign for our
Adoption Day signs
Donate a bed
and give the GIFT OF COMFORT to a sanctuary dog. Your bed donation will make a world of
difference to them.
Marty's Meals

When we take in a hurt, neglected, starved dog, the very first "medicine" we offer is hand-crafted Marty's Meals.  
Dull fur, eyes, and spirits soon shine and they have energy to dance for dinner.  But really!  Dogs don't have to
suffer to benefit from this wonderful food -- please visit their website on behalf of your beloved!
Jonny Lee
*Courtesy Posting*
Suki & Johnny
Flynn Needs Your Help

Flynn was the only survivor of a litter of 5 born under a shed in  
freezing early March.  Within 3 hours of arriving at his foster  
mom's, 5 day old Flynn was dying.  She sat up all night with  
him so he wouldn't be alone; but at 4:30 am he began weakly  
crying.  Foster mom decided if he could put in that effort, she  
would do everything to save him.  He spent 4 days/3 nights in  
intensive care with a severe lung infection.  He recovered!  But  
two weeks later, foster mom noticed his hindlegs didn't work  
very well.  They were weak and wobbly and Flynn tripped and  
fell often.  At six weeks, a vet specialist said he had a 'neck  
problem' that also causes Flynn to 'goosestep' and slap his front  
feet on the ground - but it was too early to tell exactly what it is.   
Exact diagnosis requires an MRI (which costs about $2700) but  
several people have advised against putting Flynn through the  
procedure.  He is now getting veterinary chiropractic care, which  
is improving his balance and gait.  He doesn't fall nearly as often  
and he can run in an almost straight line.

Throughout his very short life, little Flynn has shown everyone  
that he absolutely loves life and people and other dogs and he is  
here to stay!  He is sweet and loving and has an incredible  
personality.  He is in no pain but, unless or until a definitive  
diagnosis is made, it is not known how this condition will affect  
his adult life.  This will make it hard for him to find his forever  
home because his adoptive family will have to be willing and  
able to handle more possible vet bills.

Please help his foster mom continue caring for this  
adorable, growing baby.